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Graphic Designer

The Chengdu Shadow Play Museum, situated in Chengdu, China, underwent a name change in 2019, transitioning from Chengdu Museum to Chengdu Shadow Play Museum. Consequently, a new visual identity system is required to align with the updated name.

This project aims to develop a fresh identity system for the museum, with the intention of promoting this significant aspect of Chinese cultural heritage to the nation's citizens and raising awareness among international audiences. Throughout the project, I have integrated Chinese typography characters and shadow play puppets harmoniously within the comprehensive design system. Additionally, I have incorporated the concept of the Chinese Shadow Play stage technique, where objects closer to the white curtain appear more precise, while those farther away become blurred, into the overall design system.

Poster Design for the museum︎︎︎

Using the shadow play stage method thought the design, and let the Chinese type character play with the shadow puppet.

Information Poster design︎︎︎

Introducing the shadow puppet character and the history about the Chinese shadow play

Social Media : Ins & Website Design︎︎︎