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Graphic Designer

ROCES stands for The Rose Center for Earth and Space, a renowned institution dedicated to scientific research, education, and public outreach in astronomy, space exploration, and Earth sciences. Located in New York, ROCES serves as the focal point for this project, which aims to revamp the museum's visual identity.
Throughout this project, I employed a range of techniques to create a captivating visual identity that takes into account how individuals interact with spatial design elements. Additionally, I developed a custom typeface system to ensure consistency and enhance engagement for visitors. This unique typeface system is available for download and can be utilized by both visitors and employees, effectively advancing the museum's mission and promoting its key objectives.

Modular typeface video

For ROCES Type system, a modular typeface has been designed in response to gravity, the infinite and invisible force of the universe. In order to achieve this, the typeface was translated into Processing and reacts to input from a series of sliders and buttons that alter the shape, size, weight, and spacing of the letters inside the software.

Poster Design 

The macro poster showcases the main exhibition titled "Worlds Beyond Earth" at the museum. This exhibition primarily explores the concept of venturing beyond our planet and delves into discussions surrounding the magnetic field of the galaxy.
On the other hand, the micro poster highlights the phenomenon of Lunar Eclipses. Occurring three times a year, these eclipses captivate the attention of sky enthusiasts. The museum offers live shows for visitors to observe this celestial event, along with providing a monthly Moon calendar as an additional resource.

Installation Design for the main exhibition call “Worlds Beyond Earth”
For the installation design, Using Processing and TouchOSC to design the hold project interaction and allow visitors to explore the space by themselves.

ROCES Website︎︎︎

Website Design

The website incorporates a modular typeface that I have personally designed for the titles, utilizing a comprehensive design system. Additionally, the website employs a minimalist black color scheme and captivating astronomy images to create a lasting impression on visitors exploring the museum's online platform.